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EEchain Optronics Corp.

6F., No.105
Lide St.,
Jhonghe District 235

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Jian fuu co., ltd.
A Four Tech Co., Ltd.
Since 1987, A4Tech is your leader in the production design and manufacture of the
highest quality mouse and multimedia computer accessories in the Market. A4Tech mouse and products are found all over the world and we are happy to count over 20 million new users in the year 2000 alone.
Our leadership and quality is your guarantee of the best computer experience available. A4Tech is internationally recognized receiving over 20 distinguished awards throughout the globe.
A4Tech is proud to announce the opening of our ultra modern and stylish new China Factory. With over 18000 square meters of state of the art production, engineering and design resources, we consider our factory as the model of mouse and multimedia production in the world today. At A4Tech natural beauty, great work environment and quality design grow together at our factory.
Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd.
Business goes far beyond money things only, but a partnership way to pursue for win-win. A long-term partnership is our basic theme to enforce customers competitive edge to achieve success. We believe customers success is our success. Chicony develops strong, long-lasting alliances with our customers and makes the full array of Chicony's resources available to help them meet their short-and long-term strategic objectives.
Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd.
On the doorstep of the new millennium, people are yearning for new perspectives, new life styles, and more important, better solutions. Being a key player in the global marketplace, GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY not only has the ambition to grow into the world's best motherboard maker, but is also equipped with the momentum to provide quality solutions to the demands of today's customers, and thus is able to keep pace with a constantly changing market.

With a strong base of R&D resource and excellent manufacturing capability, the prominent PC motherboard maker GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY is now ready to progress into a field even closer to our future lifestyle. We believe that new communication technologies create great opportunities for both the business and our customers. In order to seize this crucial opportunity, we have set up new business sections as a first step for actualizing our commitment to better solutions for customers.
Godex International Co., Ltd.
Godex specializes in the design and manufacturing of Barcode Label Printers, and is acting as a professional consultant on bar code label application, software design and integration.

The steps ahead for KYE are significant and the strength of our product innovation will lead us in the right direction. As the world becomes more interconnected, so does KYE by providing the latest products to continue the IT advancement into the future.

This will be a very important year for us because the IT industry is facing tremendous changes. Therefore to remain a leader in this field, it is essential we continue to innovate constantly and maintain close partnership with our customers, as this will elevate the cooperation value between us.
Linkworld was established in Taiwan since 1989 for manufacturing and distributing computer cases & power supplies. We have increased our product line to keyboard, speaker and mouse. Due to the fast growth of our business, we have expanded our manufacturing plant to Thailand of about 33,000 square meter. And sales cum service branches located in U.S.A., Germany and Singapore. Our monthly average production capacity is about 600-700k sets of cases, power supply, keyboard, speaker and mouse with well equipped machinery starting from punching, coating, plastic injection, to assembly & final testing. All these processes are carried out under the most stringent quality control.
The first seed of Matsushita Electric (Taiwan) was planted a generation ago, in 1962. In the years since, the constant support of staff and customers have nurtured it to strength and prosperity, like a mighty tree.
Today, when we look at the company, we see the record of this close relationship with customers. Everything the company has done over the years reflects this reciprocal support.
It has been this support, together with the unparalleled efforts of an entire generation of our employees, which have created the National /Panasonic brand, and brought its benefits to our society and world.
All this was brought about by fate, by faith, and by friendship, for without our customers, success would have never been ours. Our earliest vision was to serve them; today we thank them for so many opportunities over the years.
Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1962 by producing PVC pipe and plastic products from very beginning, Taiwan Tai-Hao Ent. Co, Ltd. has been focusing on the keyboard keycaps, keyswitches & computer keyboard manufacturing with both factories in Taiwan & Mainland China over 25 years. The company has transferred its expertise from the computer keyboard to the domain of IT Security Products (Fingerprint/Smart Card Reader/MultiFunction Kiosk..) & Mouse(RF/Optical..) & PMP/USB Storage (USB Flash Drive, Pocki-MP3..) & Bluetooth Products (Bluetooth Headset/Mouse/Keyboard/USB Dongle..) assembling lines with tremendous success.
tongya communication industrial company
TONGYA is a 32 years old factery. Our major products are coin , card payphone.And we also to do some OEM or ODM bussiness.
That like customer make KIOSK, special cases.
WINGTOP,s all ranges of PC-based products provide a wealth of solutions for your industrial and laboratory automation needs. As inportant as these products are,the primary purpose of our organization is to take care of customer's demand and make them satisfied. Since 1990 our turnover has grown by about 20% a year. This is mainly due to our flexibility as a design-oriented & OEM capable company which also provides high-quality finished products that can easily be integrated into a complete system.
57 Unions Industry Company Limited
A MEAN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. established in Taipei County, Taiwan, 1992. We have two factories: One is in Chang-haw County, Taiwan; the other is in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. We specialized in Public Telehone Handset, Metal Keypad, Stainless Steel Armored Cord, Cable Chain, Antennas and Alarm System for twelve years.We have successful expanded our products to all over the world which includes famous factories for long term trust and good reputation from our customers. So that our current monthly output is over 450,000 units.
ABIT Computer Corporation
Moving to a new building this year represents a whole new step for ABIT in truly becoming an international enterprise and moving directly towards our 2005 vision. While facing a serious recession and fierce competition in the IT field, ABIT has managed to prevail and create it's own future. We have held quality and innovation as our first priority for the past ten years, and continually insist in giving all our customers the best products and services.

The brand name 'ABIT" has been a symbol of quality, performance, and stability for a long time. No matter where you are, you can find ABIT's products and the spirit our products have. It is a great honor for us to be one of the premier motherboard manufacturers in the world. Without every employee's hard work and outstanding teamwork, it is impossible for ABIT to achieve all this. ABIT has also had the help and support of great partners along the way.
ACCESSPRO TECH CO., LTD ¨C Head office is
located in Taipei, Taiwan has been dedicating to the development and manufacturing of a full range of computer peripherals, which include Home Theater System, Subwoofer System, Multimedia Speaker, Mouse & Keyboards.

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